3 Ways to Know What Puppy Food to Feed Your Puppy

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3 Ways to Know What Puppy Food to Feed Your Puppy

So, you’re probably wondering what is the best puppy food for your dog? Knowing what puppy food to feed your puppy takes several things into consideration, such as size of puppy when he reaches adulthood, breed of dog and any health conditions your puppy may have.

1. Is your puppy a small, medium, or large dog?

Naturally a Chihuahua is not going to need as much puppy food or protein as a Great Dane and so first thing to consider is the size of your puppy once he becomes an adult. Large breeds have more nutritional needs than a small breed. Is your dog a small, medium or large size dog?

2. What breed of dog is your puppy?

There are so many different brands of puppy food on the market today it can be a chore just trying to figure it all out. So we want to help you do that with our puppy food comparisons and reviews, so hang on to your puppy.

For an example when we look into the best large breed puppy food and we find up to five healthy puppy food brands for puppy owners to choose from, each with reviews and ratings showing all the ingredients in the puppy food! Gives you a clear view of your options; with all the reviews and detailed explanations it makes it easier to decide for yourself. Search for puppy food here. We only promote healthy, natural dog food brands.

3. Does your puppy have any health issues?

Lastly, and this one is just as important as the first two; does your puppy have any health conditions that it would need additional nutritional support for? Some dog owners do not realize that catching health problems early on in their puppy, with a healthy dog diet, can extend years to a dog’s life, not to mention making your puppy a much happier and lovable friend to be around.



Let me explain. Our beloved German Shepherd puppy was diagnosed with a condition called Hip Dysplasia when she was only 6 months old. The first thing we did was change her diet to one that supports bone, joint and tendon health with organic bone meal food and she grew out of the condition and is leading a normal and healthy dog life. Does your puppy have any health conditions that it would need additional nutritional supplemental puppy food and support for?

So there you have it; the three best and recommend ways to decide what puppy food is best for your puppy. At Dog Food Selector, puppy owners can search for the best puppy food for their puppy by following the three ways described above. Start your search for the best food for your puppy here. And if you have any questions, please let us know. Have a wonderful day puppy owners!


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Each dog has unique needs... The approach "one food for all dogs" isn't the more suitable. Dogs have different sizes, different life stages, unique breed characteristics, health conditions and a few other factors... Choosing the right food for your dog may help him or her life a longer and healthier life! We exist to make that task easier for you.

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