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7 Best Dog Toothpaste For Optimal Dental Care

In this article, we’re going to give the list of the 7 best dog toothpaste, but first, let’s talk a bit about dental care.

Dogs, just like humans, may have dental problems.

Two common diseases in dogs with poor dental hygiene are tartar and plaque buildup and gingivitis.

Without proper prevention and treatment, this can lead to a bacterial infection, which can enter the bloodstream and spread to the heart, liver, kidney and even to the brain.

Periodontal disease is a disease around the base of the tooth near the gum line.

It results from the buildup of sticky plaque, which includes bacteria, proteins, and food that solidifies to form calculus on the teeth.

The bacteria around injured teeth leads to the foul smelling breath associated with dental disease.

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Why is important to brush my dog’s teeth?

Home dental care is very important to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

About 80% of dogs have tartar build up by 3 years of age.

Prevention is the key. Start as early as possible so your dog will become habituated to the brushing procedure.

What do I need to brush my dog’s teeth?

You will need the following items:

  • A dog toothpaste that has a flavor attractive to your dog. For example, flavored like poultry or malt.
  • A dog toothbrush. You can use a soft baby’s toothbrush or a finger brush.
  • Special treat rewards.

How to brush your dog’s teeth?

  1. Here is the recommended procedure to brush your dog’s teeth:
  2. Keep dental brushing sessions small and positive.
  3. Praise your dog throughout the process.
  4. Start to let your dog lick the toothpaste off your finger.
  5. Let your dog get used to the flavor and consistency of the toothpaste.
  6. Apply a small quantity of toothpaste to your finger and softly rub it on one of the large canine teeth.
  7. Introduce the brush, letting your dog lick the paste out of it. Repeat this step twice a daily for a week.
  8. The next step is to start brushing. Lift the upper lip and place the brush at a 45º angle to the gum line.
  9. Lightly move the brush back and forth.
  10. Start to brush one or both upper canine teeth.
  11. You don’t need to brush the inside surface of the teeth, just outside.
  12. Be sure to reward your dog and offer him a tasty treat.
  13. Slowly increase the number of teeth you are brushing.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

You should brush your dog’s teeth as often as possible, ideally every day.

Aim for 5 seconds on each tooth.

If you are not able to brush daily, brushing every other day will still have a positive effect on your dog’s dental health.

Additionally, adult dogs should have their teeth professionally cleaned at least once per year.

  • Helpful Tips:
  • Brush only the outside of the teeth.
  • The tongue will clean the inside of the teeth.
  • Pay special attention to the base of the tooth, aiming for a 45° angle with the gum line.
  • Use a gently circular, brushing motion along the gum line.
  • If your dog has painful and bleeding gums, excessive drooling, discolored, broken, missing and crooked teeth or change in eating and chewing habits, take him to your veterinarian assistant for a check-up.

Regarding dental care, proper maintenance can be a money saver and at the same time a lifesaver.

Keeping your dog’s mouth clean is very important.

Brushing your dog’s teeth should be like a game, enjoyable for both of you and your dog.

How about the best dog toothpaste?

Using the proper toothpaste for dogs is also very important!

Flavor is going to play a big role.

Several dog dental pastes are broth flavored and others are salty.

The most important thing is that your dog needs to like it.

Here are the 7 top dog toothpaste in the market:

#1 Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog Poultry Flavor

  • Patented enzyme formula helps to control plaque and prevent tartar formation
  • Helps freshen breath and polish teeth
  • Poultry flavor
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    #2 Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste, Vanilla-Mint Flavor

    • Pet toothpaste developed for cats and dogs with no foaming agents
    • Dual enzyme formulas help inhibit the formation of plaque
    • Pastes have well-accepted flavors and are meant to be swallowed
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      #3 Enzadent Pet Toothpaste: Dogs & Cats Poultry Flavor

      • Does not foam or need to be rinsed
      • Can be swallowed safely
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        #4 KissAble Dog Toothpaste

        • Tetrasodium & Tetrapotassium Phosphate: Reduce tartar build-up
        • Kaolin: Polishes teeth
        • Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic and antifungal properties plus, leaves breath smelling fresh
        • Stevia and Vanilla: Natural sweeteners create a great taste without raising the dog’s glycemic index
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          #5 Arm and Hammer Clinical Care Enzymatic Gum Health Beef Flavor Fresh Mint Sent Toothpaste for Dogs

          • Remove and prevent plaque buildup
          • Clean and deodorize your dog’s mouth
          • Leaves a pleasant mint scent
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            #6 Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Natural Peanut Flavor Toothpaste

            • Made with natural peanut flavor
            • Cleans teeth
            • Freshens breath
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              #7 EZ Toothpaste for Dogs

              • Sugar-free toothpaste is sweetened with Stevia
              • It uses just a touch of Tea Tree Oil to promote healthy gums
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                So, get a dog toothpaste and brush your dog’s teeth as often as possible!


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