Dog Dental Care: How to Brush Dogs Teeth FAQ

//Dog Dental Care: How to Brush Dogs Teeth FAQ

Dog Dental Care: How to Brush Dogs Teeth FAQ

How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth

Dogs just like humans can get a lot of bacteria and plaque buildup inside their mouths and brushing your dog’s teeth does help decrease tartar build up on the teeth and gums. How often to brush dogs teeth is a personal one. Some dog owners like to brush their dog’s teeth once a day while others just once a week, while still others simply do not have the time to brush their dog’s teeth and  alternately they will delegate the dog’s dental care to a dog dentist.

Some dog owners without much time simply take their dog to their local dog dentist (veterinarian) for a good dog teeth cleaning every 6 months to a year, which can really do a thorough job. It really comes down to your schedule and finding the time to do it or spending the money to have your veterinarian dentist clean your dog’s teeth.

What Age Should I Start Brushing My Puppy’s Teeth?

The best time to start the dog teeth brushing routine is even before your puppy has all her adult teeth, which is around 4 months old. The sooner you start the routine of brushing your dog’s teeth the easier it will be for both of you. If you have the time to brush your dog’s teeth, at least once a week is a great start to your dog having good dental hygiene and fresh breath.
If you happen to get your dog as an adult and she has never been privileged to have her teeth brushed before, start out slow with your dog by brushing only a few teeth at a time and working up to getting those back teeth brushed as well. Always give your obedient dog a healthy treat for her good behavior.

What Is the Best Dog Dental Treats

Many dog owners prefer Greenies Dental Chews when giving treats to their dog because they are healthy and great for dental hygiene when you don’t always have the time to brush your dog’s teeth. Greenies are recommended by veterinarians. Greenies are an all natural dog treat with vitamins and minerals for your dog’s health, fights plaque and tartar buildup and even freshens breath.

Rawhide or knuckle bone chew toys are also recommended to help keep your dog’s teeth clean in between teeth brushings.
Best Oral Health Food for Dogs
We have reviews for hundreds of dog foods and they are some of the healthiest and most popular food for a dog’s overall health.  We want to make Dog Food Selector your one stop resource for you and your lovable furry dog.
For example one of our healthiest dog foods is the Blue Buffalo dog food; it has one of the highest dog food ratings for being great for a dog’s health all the way around. To find out every single ingredient in the several different types of Blue Buffalo dog food you can read the reviews right here on Dog Food Selector so be sure to check it out before you go.

And we have other healthy and natural dog foods for you to choose from on your quest for the best dog food for your dog here at dog food reviews. 
NOTE: Dry dog food is preferred over wet food for your dog’s teeth because chewing the hard kibbles helps to scrape bacteria and plaque buildup off your dog’s teeth.

Dog Diet and Dental Hygiene

Dog diet has a lot to do with the healthiness of gums, bones and teeth and that’s why choosing a dog food that is high in bone building vitamins and minerals insures strong healthy bones, gums and teeth for your dog.  We review some of the most wholesome and natural food for dogs right here on Dog Food Selector. The dog food brands we list for sale have been tested, approved and reviewed as the healthiest for dogs.

One way to find a good dog food for dental/oral care of your dog’s teeth on our site is to search the dog foods and read the reveiws.   Here, you can choose dog food specifically made for building strong teeth and bones for dogs; read the reviews for that dog food. Some of the best dog foods will have bone meal made from Beef, chicken, turkey, duck and other fowl. Bone marrow and meal has the calcium your dog needs for her teeth.

Homemade Dog Food

We’re big advocates of homemade dog food as a supplement to a dog’s hard dog food diet or for a sick dog.  If your dog is in poor oral health supplementing her diet with homemade chicken or beef bone broth and meal is a good solution. We know the power of this food for dogs because we healed our own dog from hip displacement feeding her homemade chicken bone broth and meal every day for a year.   You can find the recipe by going here.

Homeopathic Dental Care
If you notice your dog with tartar on her teeth or you simply want to prevent tartar buildup a homeopathic remedy that dog owners will often use is Frageria Vesca; Frageria is a homeopathic remedy that can help prevent tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. It’s an all-natural herb, harmless to use for pets.  It seems to work by softening any tartar buildup already on the teeth, which then can be brushed off with a soft-bristled toothbrush.  Frageria is used as a tincture which can be added to your dog’s water dish with a dosage of ½ to 1 dropper once a week.  Pet owners have said they see positive results within 1 month.
Of course, remember, it’s never just one thing we do to maintain good oral health in our dog; it’s a combination of good dog diet, healthy snacks, good oral hygiene and supplements. If you’re feeding your dog unhealthy snacks like microwave popcorn with artificial margarine then none of these things will really help your dog’s teeth and gums to be strong again.
How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth
How to clean teeth in your dog is easy but may take a little patience at first. Start by using a recommended dog tooth brush, medium or soft bristle. Use natural ingredients that you would want to use in your own mouth such as food grade hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, coconut oil or natural toothpaste made especially for dogs. Never use human toothpaste in a dog’s mouth as they would swallow it and it could make them very sick. Human toothpaste is poisonous if even small amount gets swallowed.
If you brush your dog’s teeth with peroxide mix it with a little water and baking soda. If your brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil be careful that she doesn’t eat the toothbrush because she will love the flavor of coconut oil. Putting all joking aside, if your dog is new to getting her teeth brushed, be sure to show her the toothbrush and let her smell it so she can see it is nothing to be apprehensive about.
Gently lift the side of your dog’s lip to expose the teeth and begin lightly brushing the teeth one at a time.  Start out with just brushing one or two teeth and then working your way up to the whole mouth. Starting out brushing your dog’s teeth when they are a puppy is much easier on your dog and you!  
Pet Dental Care: Dog Dentist or You?
Some pet owners opt for taking their dog to the dog dentist every 6 months to a year.  Dog teeth cleaning costs are going to push you back several hundred dollars each time because the dentist veterinarian actually puts your dog out as in anesthesia while he or she cleans the dog’s teeth and this can take up to an hour or two.
What Are the Dental Diseases in Dogs?
Dogs can get the same dental diseases as humans and is why pet dental care is important to keep your dog in excellent overall health. Once your dog has dental disease such as gum, root, bone, or tooth decay he or she may begin to falter in other areas of health as well, so it is imperative to make sure your pet’s dental care is in tip-top shape.  We humans take good care of our teeth and we should do the same for our furry best friend. Your dog can have healthy dog teeth and gums.
Best Natural Dog Toothpaste
Okay guys, if you prefer to buy toothpaste for your dog rather than making your own we have done the research for you and found most people prefer these natural dog toothpastes.

Okay guys, we hope this article answers your questions about dog dental care; thanks for visiting Dog Food Selector. We hope you have found everything you need on our website and if you haven’t, just contact us with your questions and concerns and we’ll try to fulfill them the best we can. Until next doggie article, have a great week with your beloved pet.


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