Healthy Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love!

//Healthy Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love!

Healthy Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love!

Healthy Dog Treats is what we at Dog food Selector encourage our readers to pursue for their dog’s health and natural balance. So it is only natural that when it comes to dog food and dog treats we only promote third party dog treats and food that is healthy and natural.

Today we bring you three best selling healthy dog treats that your pooch will love, according to thousands of dog owners reviews.

Greenies Dental Chews = Wellness Dog Food Treats

Not only are Greenies some of the most natural dog treats you can offer your dog, these dental chews keep bacteria, tartar and plaque at bay on your four-legged Rover. Pet owners have marveled that Greenies keep their dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Greenies, wellness dog food treats have been highly recommended by veterinarians for at-home oral care.

Just one treat per day will do wonders for your dog’s breath and teeth, and at that rate the treats last well over a month. Much longer for those that give them just on weekends.

And who wouldn’t give their dog a treat that improves their teethes cleanliness and color?

In some circumstances your dog may not be tolerant to dancing with the toothbrush quite yet, and so a nice dog treat is a great first introductory step to your dog’s dental health.

On the other hand, a combination of healthy dog treats and tooth brushing gets the seal of approval from veterinarians and will keep your dog and therefore his owner very happy indeed. These are not grain free so if that’s what you’re looking for, scroll down to the next dog treat review.

Find out more about Greenies Dental Chews Here.

Sweet Potato Dog Treats – Grain Free

Sweet potato dog treats are sure to be a favorite dog treat for your happy pooch. Why? Well for one: sweet potatoes, are, um, sweet.

Made with all natural ingredients and because they are dehydrated potatoes the vitamins and minerals remain intact, providing your dog with antioxidants; one of the healthiest snacks for dog owners as a daily treat or training reward.

Dog owners are raving about how much their dog loves these sweet potato dog treats! The treats are thin enough to be cut up easily in case you have a very small dog.

And these dog treats are just as the name implies, 100% dehydrated U.S. grown potatoes, without all the fuss of baking and heating up your kitchen.

Convenient and economical as the bag contains a lot of pieces and they last a long time, they will help your dog get more fiber and feel more satisfied without too many calories.

When you consider how potentially harmful synthetic snacks are, why not stick with 100% natural safe made in the U.S.A. dog treat snacks right in your mail box.

Any drawbacks? Well it depends on your dog and if he’s used to the hard rawhide and you’re trying to wean him off of that, then he’ll have to make the decision whether a softer chew is to his liking. Based on what we’ve heard though, your dog will most likely love these natural dog treats.

Learn more about Sweet Potato Dog Treats by Brutus and Barnaby Here

BLUE Wilderness Grain Free Biscuits Crunchy Dog Treats

Grain Free meat lover’s Dog Treats. These crunchy biscuits are a meat lover’s feast for your doggie. Blue Wilderness Biscuits are made with all-natural healthy ingredients that your dog is sure to love.

Number one ingredient is REAL duck meat, followed with chicken and turkey, a fowl eater’s delight, and 100% percent grain and gluten free! Did we say that already?

Some dogs love them so much they have been known to throw them up in the air and play with them before eating them.

At one inch to 1 and ½ inch square and ¼ inch thick they are suitable for most dogs and not pliable like the sweet potato treats. Since they don’t include any grain flour to hold them together they will tend to crumble and may not be suitable to cutting up for sizing.

High quality ingredients and economical to boot, what’s not to like. You may want to stock up while the price lasts.

Learn more about Blue Wilderness biscuits dog treats here:

If you’re looking for healthy dog food treats for your dog, these are the top three we would recommend.

Three different brands all with their own reasons for being in the top three, so plenty of choice and variety and top quality because of the natural ingredients and wholesomeness that dog owners rave about by witnessing their dog’s enthusiasm for them. And if your dog loves them then you’ve done well!


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