New Dog Food Recalls for January 2018

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New Dog Food Recalls for January 2018

There are many different pet food brands on the market today and most high quality dog food manufacturers rarely, if ever have recalls, however mistakes do happen on occasion so it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Just recently in the beginning of ringing in the New Year there were several dog food brands and products that were recalled.

A dog food recall happens because the dog food or product is faulty or the dog food has been contaminated in some way which leads to your dog getting sick. Today Dog Food Selector is going to be your dog food advisor so you will be one step ahead of the pack when a dog food or dog product has been recalled. best dog food for boxers puppies

1. United Pet Group has issued a voluntary dog food recall about some of their rawhide chew bones that were accidently contaminated with chemicals that were used to clean the processing machines. Popular retail outlets such as Walmart and Petco have sold these rawhide products. To see all of the brands of rawhide chew treats that were contaminated, click here. (

2. Loving Pets – Air Puffed Treats – These dog treats have been contaminated with Salmonella. Signs and symptoms of Salmonella are fever, diarrhea and vomiting in your pet. The three pet food brands that have been recalled are: Loving Pets Barksters, Puffsters Snack Chips, and Whole Hearted Products.

3. Darwin’s Natural Selections Dog Food – Unfortunately there have been numerous “lots” of this brand of pet food tainted with salmonella. This recall is for their packages of turkey, duck, and chicken meals. This pet food manufacturing company looks like one to stay away from folks, as 23 tons of dog and cat food have been recalled in the last 14 months. That’s a lot of food for pets being recalled.

Pet Supplies Recall

Yes, even some pet supplies are recalled because of a malfunction or defect and Dog Food Selector will continue to alert you of these pet supply recalls along with the dog food recalls.

4. Stainless Steel Pet Bowl – The pet supply store Petco admits to selling some stainless steel pet feeding bowls that have been contaminated with a radioactive material called Cobalt 60, which can be potentially fatal to your beloved pet. This pet food recall was actually administered in 2012 but stainless steel bowls are tough as nails and can last a long time, therefore we still wanted to keep you alerted to this pet product recall.

5. De-icing Products – Some things we simply do not think about could be harmful to our pets, such as de-icing materials we may apply to our sidewalks and driveways in front of our home. The salt and grit used to make icy conditions less slippery is actually toxic to animals. Dogs and cats have a tendency to lick their paws and that is when it gets ingested.

Our solution: go to your local hardware store to buy ground up rock salt for the sidewalks in front of your home. If there is a lot of icy pavement that needs to be de-iced, buy pet approved de-icers before applying. Another thing you can do is wash your pet’s paws well with doggie soap or shampoo after he’s been outside.

6. Dog Bone Treats: There have been 68 reports of pet illnesses from “ham bones,” “pork femur bones,” “rib bones” and “smokey knuckle bones” treats for dogs. These bones have been processed and packaged for sale in stores as dog bone treats. Sadly, 15 dogs have died after eating these treats disguised as pet food.

That’s it for now but we’ll keep you informed to any new dog food alerts. Subscribe to the dog food recalls at the right side of the page to continue to be informed when new dog food recalls are announced. And guys, before you go, don’t forget to check out our dog food reviews for safe foods for dogs.


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