Can Dogs Eat Plums?

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Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Can dogs eat plums?

Yes, dogs can eat plums.

This fruit is high in vitamin C, iron and antioxidants.

How many plums can I give my dog?

You can offer peeled plum as a treat or chopped on top of dog food.

As a maximum, you can offer half of a plum twice a week.

Remember to introduce the fruit gradually into your dog’s diet.

can dogs eat plums

[fusion_tagline_box backgroundcolor=”#f6f6f6″ shadow=”no” border=”1px” bordercolor=”#f6f6f6″ highlightposition=”top” link=”” linktarget=”” button=”” title=”WARNING:” description=”The plum pit is dangerous to dogs because it contains cyanide.

Moreover, the pit can cause an obstruction in your dog’s throat or cause an intestinal blockage.

So, if you are able to limit the number of plums your dog eats, and what part of the fruit (meat) he eats, plum is good for your dog to eat.

Make sure your dog can’t access to plum trees in your garden.

If you suspect that your dog ate a lot of plum pits and presents any of the following signs: difficulty breathing, dilated pupils, excessive salivation, seizures and shock you should call your veterinarian.

Like any other sugary fruits, if your dog eats a large portion of plums he can experience diarrhea.

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