Can Dogs Eat Grass?

Many owners have seen his or her dog eating grass... But can dogs eat grass? No, dogs shouldn’t eat grass. Actually, they don’t have enzymes to digest it. Moreover, there is poor nutritional value in grass for dogs. Nevertheless, many [...]

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

This is one of the most frequent asked questions by dog owners: 'can dogs eat cat food?' or 'is cat food OK for dogs?' Commercial foods for dogs and cats seem similar on the exterior, but there are some significant nutritional [...]

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Royal Canin Dog Food

As early as the seventies, Royal Canin started to develop outside France: first in the European markets, and then, from 1988 on, on North American. Today, Royal Canin is an international company that has accomplished to play an important role [...]

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Top 7 FAQ’s About Senior Dog Food

Do you have a senior dog? Senior dogs have special needs when it comes to food... So, finding the right senior dog food is vital! In this article, you’ll find some answers and useful tips regarding this issue. Table of [...]

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Why was the Dog Food Selector created?

Each dog has unique needs... The approach "one food for all dogs" isn't the more suitable. Dogs have different sizes, different life stages, unique breed characteristics, health conditions and a few other factors... Choosing the right food for your dog may help him or her life a longer and healthier life! We exist to make that task easier for you.

How does the Dog Food Selector work?

It's quite simple... It's a 1-2 step process. You just have to fill in the form with your dog's characteristics, like gender, age, size, activity, health conditions and a few other important data and click "search". Then, you'll see a list of dog foods with the highest review score. If you wish you can see all the detailed review of each individual dog food.