Taste of the Wild dog food is prepared by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. which are a U.S.-based manufacturer.

Taste of the Wild is a recent dog food brand, being in the market since 2007 as a premium and grain free dog food made with excellent ingredients.

Taste of the Wild produces kibble and canned foods. They have foods for puppies and adult dogs.

Taste of the Wild manufacture its recipes in four facilities in the U.S.: one is in northern California, one in central California, one in Missouri and one in South Carolina.

Taste of the Wild

Examples of meat proteins sources included in Taste of the Wild recipes are beef, wild boar, lamb, ocean fish meal, bison, chicken meal, venison, salmon and salmon meal, duck and duck meal, quail, and turkey. Regarding carbohydrates sources, as a grain free dog food, they use ingredients like potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Taste of the Wild foods are AAFCO approved for different life stages as stated on their dog food labels and on the web site.

Product Main Benefits:

  • Guaranteed probiotics promote healthy digestive and immune systems
  • Natural prebiotic fiber to help preserve a balance of probiotic bacteria in the colon
  • Grain-free formulas
  • Lean meat protein, roasted and smoked for great flavor
  • Several protein sources ensure an appropriate amino acid profile
  • Fruits and vegetables provide natural antioxidants to help support optimal cellular health
  • Omega fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Chelated Minerals are attached to proteins for an easier absorption from the digestive tract

Dog Food Recalls

Diamond Pet Foods has had a history of recalls due to aflatoxins, apprehensions about Salmonella, and fabrication issues at least since 1999-2000, counting a large recall in 2005. Since their former recalls, Diamond claims they use 151 quality checks to guarantee the quality of their products. For the most part, Taste of the Wild has not been included in these recalls but, in May 2012 there was a recall for Taste of the Wild.

In our view, Taste of the Wild includes good quality ingredients. It is a premium dog food and it is cheaper than some of the most expensive grain free dog foods.

Taste of the Wild dog food formulas includes natural lean meats and vegetables that a dog would eat as if it were in the wild. The company considers that dogs should eat according to their genetic makeup and primitive hungers. Dogs love Taste of the Wild recipes for their superior taste and excellent, high quality ingredients.

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